XIII. Alcohol, Drugs and Other Substances

A. Alcohol: Possession (internal or external) or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the apartment is permitted only by residents and their guests 21 years of age or older, all residents and or guests consuming alcohol must be inside their apartment, with doors closed.

B. Excessive Quantities: Regardless of the age of those present, large amounts of alcohol such as kegs are not permitted at any time, including brewing kits. 

C. Common Areas: Open or unconcealed containers of alcohol are not permitted in common areas such as entrances, hallways, or lounges, or on adjacent grounds. A person who is found in any public place under the influence of alcohol, in such a condition that they are unable to exercise care for their own health or safety, or the health or safety of others, must be placed under Civil Protective Custody by a peace officer (NRS 458.270).  

D. Drugs/ Substances: The department follows state and federal law as related to drugs and other illegal substances. These violations are considered serious and if appropriate, sanctions for violation of drug and illegal substance policies will include referral to education and/or treatment programs.

E. Ponderosa Village Actions: To preserve the positive community environment, we reserve the right to take specific actions to address issues involving the use and or abuse of alcohol, drugs, or other substances. Behavior while under the influence of substances will not be excused by substance impairment.