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Services and Facilities Overview


Located in each residence hall are card operated washers and dryers available for the convenient use of our residents. The cards operate much like prepaid cards with machines in each of the residence halls where you can add money to the cards to use on the laundry machines.

Internet Access

High speed internet access is offered for each student in their room at no additional cost. All campus network usage policies apply and bandwidth may be restricted. Make sure to read the policies covering the use of the residence hall network and we encourage students to read and know these policies prior to connecting to the network. For more information review these steps for setting up a network. Additionally, some vendors such as AT&T and Charter Cable offer high speed internet access for an additional cost.

All residence halls now include in room wireless! Ideal for most college purposes, however we recommend using the room equipped "wired" ethernet connection for all other high bandwidth needs.


You have the option to get a telephone installed in your room. During the first few days of check-in several local providers will be available for cellular or land-line phones. This information is available at the University's IT website. The university assumes no responsibility for telephone service and it is not part of the license agreement or rate schedule.


The US Postal Service does not deliver to the Residence Halls. Located on campus is a United States Post Office where students may rent a post office box by contacting (775) 348-2090.


The US Postal Service does not deliver to the Residence Halls. Deliveries by major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, Airborne, and DHL may be sent to the Residence Halls. Please refer to the addresses to the individual halls.

Packages will NOT be accepted until the official move in day of the semester. Any Packages received before this time will not be accepted and returned to sender.

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