Things To Do

Living away from home, on campus, surrounded by other college students can be an intense experience. We're here to help you acclimate to your new surroundings and make great new friends.

Social Activities

We offer a variety of activities from intramural teams, road trips, and movie nights to dances, game nights, video game tournaments, and the list goes on and on. Our staff strives to make living on campus a fun and exciting experience by offering many different types of social programs for students.

Examples of Social Programs:

  • Casino Night. Large social night event offering over $2,000 worth of prizes at no cost to students.
  • Block Party. Traditionally over 1,300 students attend for dancing, free pizza and soft drinks and a chance to meet the new students to campus.
  • Hall Council meetings. This is the best way to get involved and help plan your hall wide activities and is way to meet the other students in your residence hall.
  • Residence Hall Association meetings (RHA). This group helps plan the campus wide events like Casino Night and Block Party and is a great way to meet other students from all the residence halls on campus.

Educational Activities

Our staff strives to make living on campus a memorable experience by providing exciting and diverse educational information and activities for students. The information and experiences we provide vary from bulletin boards to interactive presentations. We offer a variety of programs from traditional programs based on past success as well as brand new programs based on current issues and student need. Ask your RA about what activities and seminars are coming up soon!

Festivals, Cultural Outings, & Outdoor Activities

Between Reno and Sparks, the calendar is packed full of festivals, plays, concerts, and much more. We're also located within an hour's drive of world-class mountain biking, skiing & snowboarding, hiking, climbing, kayaking, fishing, and a host of other activities. Check out the Regional Highlights page to learn more about what's happening around Reno!


Movie night in front of the Knowledge Center
Mountain biking near Lake Tahoe
Skiing above Lake Tahoe
Kayaking downtown Reno
Snowboarding near Lake Tahoe