Housing Pack Life

Pack Life is a digital platform where you can get connected to amazing opportunities available as a Wolfpack community member. Pack Life is where you will find information about student clubs and organizations (i.e. contact info, forms, etc.) as well as campus and community events.

Why join Pack Life?

  • Connect with peers who have similar interests, majors, hobbies
  • Find out what's going on across campus
  • Learn about clubs and organization with which you can connect

Decades of research shows that students who get involved and/or work on campus are more likely to have a better college experience, graduate on time, get jobs in their chosen field, have less debt and be more successful in a global society. Check out Pack Life!

Living on campus?

Join Pack Life's Residence Hall Association to get notifications about all events and trainings organized for on-campus students. 

You can also join your residence hall’s Pack Life page for hall specific events and activities. Here's how to do that:

  1. Click the below link for your building
  2. If you haven’t signed into Pack Life previously, click the “Sign In” button at the top right
  3. Use your NetID and password to sign In
  4. On the organization's page (the name of your residence hall), click the blue “Join” button
  5. You will now be able to receive invitations to all hall events and RSVP to create your own event calendar

Room changes

If you move halls, be sure to leave your original hall’s organization and join the new hall.

To leave an organization:

    1. Click the letter at the top right and click “Memberships.”
    2. Find the listing for your old hall and click “Leave Organization."

To join your new hall, follow the instructions above under the "Living on campus?" section.