Leadership Council

Leadership Councils (LCs) are elected at the beginning of the fall semester for every residence hall. These councils, elected from the residents of each hall, provide resources, programs and a voice for the students within the hall.

The LC Leadership model is as follows:

  • Executive Board
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Programming Board Representative
    • Advocacy Board Representative
    • Engagement Board Representative
    • Judicial Board Representative
    • Members-at-Large
  • Appointed/Ad-Hoc Positions (examples)
    • Publicity Coordinator
    • Program Coordinator

The leadership councils of each hall have the power to change aspects of the respective function of the LC at that hall and have powers similar to that of the RHA as a whole. These LCs are advised by the Resident Director (RD) & Graduate Resident Director (GRD) of each hall, and are encouraged to maintain traditional programs each year. Further, leadership development conferences are hosted to continue the student leadership development aspects and continually engage students with leadership opportunities throughout the term.