About RHA

Now you may be wondering who we are, especially with all of the acronyms that get thrown around. Well, let’s break it down:

The Nevada Residence Hall Association serves the residents of the University through two major avenues – one being the Residence Hall Association Leadership and the second being the Leadership Councils within each hall.

Residence Hall Association Leadership

RHA, as previously mentioned, works under the three branch system, similar to that of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN). We work alongside Residential Life, Housing & Food Services (RLHFS) as the voice of students, as well as to providing various resources to student and professional staff of the RLHFS Department. The RHA Leadership model is as follows:

Executive Branch

  • Executive Officers
    • President
    • Vice President of Internal Affairs (VPIA)
    • Vice President of Community Relations (VPCR)
  • Board of Directors
    • Director for Administration
    • Director for Programming
    • Director for Advocacy
    • Director for Engagement
    • Director for Marketing

Legislative Branch

  • General Council
    • RHA Executive Officers
    • One President (or proxy) from each Halls LC
    • One appointed RLHFS Student Staff Representative
    • NRHH President
    • RHA Advisor(s) – Non-Voting Member(s)

Judicial Branch

  • Judicial Council
    • Judicial Board Director (appointed by Judicial Representatives)
    • One Judicial Representative from each Halls LC

These branches maintain the structure of RHA and abide by the RHA Constitution & Bylaws (available in our RHA resources page). The Executive Officers of RHA are elected by General Council at the end of the spring semester, of each academic year, and serve a one year term. Board of Directors are appointed & hired by the RHA Executive Officers & the RLHFS appointed RHA Advisor(s). The Legislative Branch, and General Council in its entirety, begins in the fall of each academic year, following the elections of Hall LCs, and preside over the approval and adoption of amendments, funds requests, etc. The Judicial Branch forms in the fall, following the election of the ‘Judicial Representative’ from each Hall, and presides over matters of student conduct, housing license appeals, etc.

RHA Programming

RHA Leadership serves all residents living on campus and provides more fun and educational events for the betterment of all residents living on campus, while also providing resources and support to student and professional staff members within Residential Life, Housing & Food Services (RLHFS).

Examples of RHA Events Include:

  • Block Party
    • Social Program at the beginning of the year to welcome new residents
  • Culture, Cuisine & Crafts
    • Social/Diversity Program providing the opportunity for representation and learning of the diverse backgrounds of residents
  • Wolf Pack Takes the Ice
    • Social program to bring together residents for a FREE night of skating, socializing, and hot chocolate

Leadership Councils

Leadership Councils serve the respective halls that house residents – voicing the concerns of students in these halls, putting on programs, and facilitating inclusive environments where students engage socially and achieve academically. These councils are comprised of President, Vice President, various representatives, and other positions which vary per hall – these positions are elected during the fall semester by current residents in each hall. 

Examples of LC Events Include:

  • Nevada LLC – Study Sundays
    • Academic program aiming to provide inclusive environments for studying for midterms
  • Sierra Hall – Norman's Birthday Party
    • Social program to celebrate the birthday of the Sierra Hall Mascot Norman the Gnome
  • Canada Hall – Safe Trick or Treat
    • Social/community event to provide local elementary school students the opportunity to safely trick-or-treat at Canada Hall