Residence Hall Association

The Purpose of the Residential Hall Association is to:

  • To serve as the representative body of residence hall students to the Associated students of the University of Nevada Reno
  • To provide programs of general interest for the residents of the residence halls
  • To provide programs whereby the residents of the University of Nevada, Reno may express themselves positively in areas that directly affect them

Every student at the University who lives in the residence halls is a member of RHA.

We encourage all students to take part in their community and get involved. Run for your hall leadership council or run for an executive position!

For questions please email the president at or talk to your RA/CA or RD!

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RHA funds request

To submit a funds request:

  • Fill out the RHA funds request form below.
  • Attend the RHA meeting for approval prior to the event.
  • All funds requests must be submitted for review no later than three days prior to the date of the Finance Board meeting


  • Expect to be asked about additional sources of funding.
  • Have background information regarding your program, if applicable.
  • Expect to be asked the number of residents this program/event this will benefit
  • The "Sponsored by RHA logo" must be placed on all promotional items/advertisements if funding is approved.
  • Contact the RHA Marketing Director to get the RHA logo.
  • You must fill out the itemized list on the request form