Selection Process

Student Staff Selection Process

Step 1 - Application

Complete the application on the Residential Life website starting November 7th. The application is an online form that needs to be completed entirely in order to be considered. Be thoughtful in your answers to the short answer questions. Applications must be through the website by 5pm on Monday, January 30, 2017 in order to be given full consideration. If you are experiencing issues with the application please contact Stephanie Jones (

Step 2 - References

RA/CA: Upon completing your online application your references will receive an emailed link to complete the online reference form on your behalf. It is suggested that you ask a Nevada staff member for one and the other be a current or former employer, a teacher/professor, an advisor or a religious leader. All online reference forms must be received by Monday January 30, 2017 by 5pm. If you need to check with the committee if they have received the reference form you may do so by contacting Stephanie Jones ( or Dionne Davis (

Academic Mentor: Upon completing your online application your reference(s) will receive an emailed link to submit a reference letter on your behalf. The letter must come from an academic professional such as a faculty member, Academic Advisor, or Tutoring Center supervisor. This reference letter will be an attached document so please notify them in advance as it is not a form to complete but requires an attached letter. Please contact Stephanie Jones ( if you have any questions.

Step 3 - Participate in the Interview Process on February 11, 2017

The interview process consists of two parts: Carousel Group Process and Individual Interviews. Please leave your entire day open as you will be expected to participate in both interviews to continue in the process.

  • The Carousel process is a half-day event where candidates participate in a number of group activities, which allow residence hall staff to observe candidates in many of the roles candidates would play as a Student Staff Member. Carousel will occur on Saturday, February 11, 2017 and candidates will be notified of the location. You will sign up for a half-day session when the committee has received all of your application materials (completed online application including transcripts and resume as well as required references).  All candidates participate in this process, regardless of the position they applied for.

  • Individual Interviews:
  • RA/CA: Each candidate will participate in a 30-minute individual interview with members of the Residential Life staff. If your carousel group process is in the morning, your individual interview will be scheduled in the afternoon and vice versa.
  • Academic Mentor - Selected candidates will participate in a separate interview process with staff from Residential Life and the Tutoring Center. These interviews will be scheduled for 45 minutes and will be scheduled around your group carousel process time slot (i.e. if your group carousel is in the morning, you will have this interview in the afternoon).
  • If you applied for both the RA/CA position and the Academic Mentor position, you will participate in both interviews with different professional staff members.

Step 4 - Decision Letters

On Friday March 17, 2017, you will receive your decision letter from a RLHFS representative via email. Letters should be received by 5pm on that day.

The Department of Residential Life, Housing and Food Service are committed to students graduating within four years. Therefore, we seek to employ students who have the ability to maintain at least 15 credits per semester and handle the demands of a student leadership position.