Resident Director Position Description

Full-Time Resident Director - Position Description

Position Summary

The Resident Director of a residential area is responsible for developing a balanced program of social, educational, and recreational activities, training and supervising resident assistants & other student staff, managing discipline, developing hall governments and other student groups, reporting repairs and maintenance needs, and the general administration of the residential area.

Residential living not only supplements and supports the student's academic endeavors, it also supports the individual emotionally and physically.  Resident Directors advise and refer staff and students for diverse problems ranging from academic support to depression.  Creating opportunities for student involvement can have significant impact on student retention, as national studies show.

Resident Directors maintain full time office hours, in addition to responding to emergency/crisis situations 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Weekend duty is split among the professional and qraduate live-in staff.

Assignments may be made to additional tasks or duties including but not limited to department committees, judicial board or license appeal, board advising, staff training and selection, tour coordination, and some university committees.

Summer duties could include assisting with summer housing, conferences, orientation, room assignments, program planning for the academic year, or other duties as assigned.

Major Responsibilities

25% - Staff Management

  • With other professional staff, develop job descriptions and hiring criteria for student staff positions
  • Participate in the hiring process of all student staff after determining staffing requirements of the complex
  • Assist in the development and presentation of a resident assistant training program, including an academic class, orientation activities, fall and spring training, and on-going training 
  • Directly supervise student staff
  • Conduct meetings with staff, including individual conferences as needed.  Formal evaluations will occur once per semester
  • When necessary, consult with the Area Director(s) or Director for Residence Life regarding employee disciplinary action and/or termination
  • Observe, evaluate, and provide feedback to the appropriate departmental staff on the quality of the following: housing and dining facilities and their furnishings and equipment; service provided by departmental staff, dining and custodial services of the department; programs presented by the department; and/or materials distributed by the department

20% - Community Development

  • Develop, implement, coordinate and assess an ongoing intentional series of educational, developmental, social, and recreational programs
  • Directly advise Hall Government and assist with leadership development programs sponsored by the department of University
  • Provide advice and assistance to the Residence Hall Association and other organized groups within the residence halls

15% - Student Conduct

  • Develop, coordinate, and implement departmental, university, and state policy related to discipline for the residential area
  • Train staff on disciplinary procedures and expectations
  • Confront policy violators
  • Meet with all reported violators that reside in the facility, maintaining documentation for each case and providing appropriate information to other university officials
  • Investigate facts and establish sanctions on cases in which the student accepts responsibility
  • Coordinate and participate in referral processes involving the Asst. Director, Director of Student Judicial Affairs or Residence Hall Judicial Board

15% - On Call Responses and Counseling

  • Provide 24 hour availability for response to situations that develop in the residence hall or involve residence hall students.  These situations include, but are not limited to emotional distress, discipline violations, threat of harm to self or others, accidents, serious injury or death, physical or mental illness. 
  • Maintenance responses may also be required to coordinate emergency maintenance services after assessing the situation and making decisions on the appropriate action
  • Provide counseling, advising, conflict resolution, and referral to appropriate staff for students with a wide variety of concerns including but not limited to substance abuse, roommate conflicts, academic, or administrative concerns; counseling may be required at any time of availability

15% - Housing Operations

  • Coordinate front desk operations that are open nearly 24 hours per day to provide service and security for residents.
  • Follow up on maintenance or housekeeping needs of the complex
  • Perform housekeeping inspections on routine basis
  • Maintain key control and room condition reports following departmental policy. 
  • Perform other related administrative tasks as necessary
  • Other duties or department tasks as assigned by the Area Director(s), Assistant Director, or Director for Residential Life

10% - Academic Initiatives

  • Participate in department retention, academic intervention, and academic success initiatives at the hall level
  • Participate in department academic recognition programs for on campus students
  • Ensure that individual hall offers academic success programming and in hall academic recognition initiatives

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of residential life, operations and procedures, administrative and supervisory experiences, student development theory, counseling and conflict resolution, and general higher educational procedures are all critical to the effectiveness of this position.
  2. Skills essential to this position include: administration, organization, supervision, intervention, emergency response, verbal and written communication, public relations, decision making, advising, counseling, training in multicultural awareness and creativity.
  3. Primary to one's ability to succeed in this position is the ability to be flexible and adapt to an unusual and changing environment.  Living at one's job location can be very demanding.
  4. Carry out physical activity requirements commensurate with duties of the position, i.e., walk up multiple flights of stairs in case of emergency, lift 25 pounds, etc.