Compensation and Benefits

Full-Time Resident Director

Minimum starting salary is $30,800 for 12-month contract.

Additionally, Full-Time Resident Directors receive a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision and retirement. More information can be found on Human Resources Benefits page (Look at Administrative Faculty benefits).

Graduate Resident Director

An assistantship stipend of $1,700.00 per month is provided for 10-month renewable contract. Also included is graduate student medical coverage, and a financial subsidy for up to 10 credits per semester. There is also a potential option to work summers as needed.

Room & Board

Each Full-Time RD and Graduate RD is provided a furnished apartment and a meal plan for use in the residential dining facilities.

Staff Development:

RLHFS encourages active participation in professional development by all employees. Each employee is responsible for outlining their own professional development plan, with the assistance of their supervisor, to include active participation in the following competency areas:

  • Academic Initiatives
  • Assessment and Research
  • Basic Administrative Tasks
  • Budget
  • Community Development and Advising
  • Crisis Management
  • Personal Foundations
  • Staff Management
  • Student Conduct

Staff development funding will be granted for professional development activities as deemed appropriate by supervisors and based on budget availability.