Meal Plans

Students eating at DownUnder Cafe

Need a quick snack before heading to class? Stop by the Overlook Cafe. Hanging out with roommates and want to grab a meal? Pop into the DownUnder Cafe for dine-in or take out. Studying into the wee hours of the night? Grab a late-night meal at the DC Store.

Students can maximize their dining experience by signing up for one of four meal plans.  Each plan offers a fixed number of meals per week as well as FoodBucks - money that can be spent at retail locations anywhere on campus. Our meal plans offer versatility, convenience, and value. Meal plans are designated by the number of meal swipes allowed per week (no daily limit) and a prescribed amount of FoodBucks for the year. When you purchase a meal plan, your meal swipes and FoodBucks are added directly to your WolfCard.

If you have special dietary needs, our Management staff offers one-on-one consultation and can develop a personalized dining plan that meets your specific needs.

Faculty, staff, upperclassmen, and students living off-campus take advantage of our Community Meal Plan (not available for residents). The Community Meal Plan offers one meal per day (M - F) with a flexible range of hours. Visit the Community Meal Plan webpage for more information. 

Weekly Meals

  • Meal plan holders can use up to the allotted number of swipes per week at the Downunder Café and DC Store
  • Meal plan swipes can be used for your guests (e.g. friends & family) up to the allotted number of swipes per week
  • Access to the Meal Trade Program. A meal trade is an exchange of one swipe for a pre-determined meal package at a Nevada Dining retail location. A list of options for each location can be found on the Meal Trade Locations webpage.

Meal Plan Rates

Meal Plans
PlanWeekly MealsFoodBucks
FallSpringTotalSpring OnlyFoodBucks Spring Only
A 19 $160/$140 $3080 $2520 $5600 $2800 $150
B 15 $210/$190 $2930 $2400 $5330 $2665 $200
C 12 $265/$235 $2585 $2115 $4700 $2350 $250
D 10 $370/$330 $2400 $1960 $4,360 $2180 $350

Meal Plan Definitions

Meal Swipe

A meal swipe allows access for one person to dine in the DownUnder Cafe (take-out option available).  Meal swipes can also be used for Meal Trades at many of our dining locations. Meal swipes do not carry over to the next week. 

Meal Plan Week

Your meal plan week starts on Thursday morning and ends on Wednesday evening. During your meal plan week, you may use up to your weekly allotted meal swipes.  However, meal plan swipes do not carry over. For example, if you have 2 remaining swipes on Wednesday night, those 2 meal swipes will expire on Thursday morning. On Thursday morning, your meal swipes will reset to your regular weekly allotment.


FoodBucks are like cash and can be used at any dining location on campus. Each time you make a purchase using your FoodBucks, you will receive an automatic 10% discount. FoodBucks purchases are also not taxed, saving you an additional 8.265% (except when used at the Joe Crowley Student Union). FoodBucks do not expire at the end of either the fall or spring semester unless your account has been inactive for 18 consecutive months. The balance remains as long as you are enrolled at the University and use your account. After 18 consecutive months of inactivity, the balance in your account is reduced to zero. No refund is given for any unused FoodBucks balance.

Meal Plan Changes

PLEASE NOTE: You may change your meal plan one time for the spring semester starting December 3, 2018. Changes to your meal plan can be made by logging into your Housing Profile and completing a Meal Plan Change Application.

  • Meal Plan changes (increases or decreases) will be accepted until 5:00 PM, February 8th, 2019
  • After February 8th through March 1st, ONLY Meal Plan increases will be accepted

Have more questions? Check out our Meal Plan FAQs

You may also contact us by calling 775-784-1113 or sending an email to