How to add a random roommate

Follow these steps to add a random roommate.

Step 1

Log into Symplicity and select the “Roommates” tab.

Screenshot of the student dashboard in Symplicity, described in the image caption below.
Figure 1: Screenshot of the student dashboard in Symplicity. The dashboard has a navigation bar containing five items at the top and displays application status, assigned roommates, applications, "My Room" and Announcements. A red arrow points to the third navigation tab, Roommates.

Step 2

Once you have selected the “Roommates” tab, select the term you are signing up for. You will be brought to the “Roommate Group” page.

A screenshot of the roommates tab in Symplicity, described in the image caption below.
Figure 2: Screenshot of the Roommates tab in Symplicity. The screen reads "Roommate Groups" and instructs users to select a term from a drop-down menu in order to find a roommate or edit an existing roommate.

Step 3

Select “Search resident profiles.” Clicking on “Change Search Filters” will allow you to filter for potential roommates based on your roommate matching questionnaire.

After selecting the roommate matching questions that are most important to you, click on the blue “Submit” button to see matching profiles.

“View Full Profile” will allow you to see the random roommates’ answers and their name. If you feel they will be a good match, send them an invitation by clicking on “Send Invitation.”

NOTE: You can also choose to write a short introduction about yourself when you send your invitation. The student will be emailed an invitation to your roommate group, which they will need to accept, by logging into their Symplicity account.

A screenshot showing the search resident profiles interface, described in the image caption below.
Figure 3: Screenshot of the Symplicity roommate matching. The first item on the screen, highlighted in red with a red arrow pointing to it, reads: Search resident profiles. Find ideal roommates to invite into your group. The screen indicates no search filters are set and shows options to change or clear search filters, as well as blank roommate profiles at the bottom.