Fall 2017 Honors Class Schedule is Now Available

Find the Honors class schedule for fall 2017 on the Honors Curriculum page. To search for Honors classes in MyNEVADA, you must search for the Honors course attribute. On the Class Search page, set Course Career to Undergraduate, then click Additional Search Criteria, and scroll down to Course Attribute. Click on the Magnifying glass to see your choices; select GRPS. Now the Is equal to box appears, click on this new magnifying glass and select Honors. Once back to the search screen, you can click search to view all Honors courses, or narrow the search by Subject or any other criteria listed.MyNevada

Schedule Your Honors Advising Appointment Online

Honors students wishing to take advantage of priority registration in any given semester must use the Honors Program's online scheduling system to set up an Honors advising appointment prior to the priority registration window opening (April 1 for fall semesters, October 1 for spring semesters). The link to the scheduling website is available on the Honors Advising page. The online scheduler is also used to RSVP for events organized by the Honors Program and the Office of Undergraduate Fellowships. 

The Millennium Scholarship and Volunteerism

"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did you know that all Millennium Scholars are encouraged to volunteer 20 hours a year, and that HON 200B students must volunteer at least 15 hours in fall semester? Here are a few easy ways you can learn about new volunteer opportunities that match your interests:Students posing for photo

"Volunteering shows a level of involvement in the community that transcends the ordinary.
For a student with little work history, I think solid volunteer experience is almost equivalent."
-Karen Ross, Manager of Community Relations, NV Energy

Best Wishes to the Honors Class of 2015!

2015 graduates