Costa Rica

To apply, visit the USAC San Ramón program website.

This trip will consist of a 5-week educational program in partnership with the University Studies Abroad Consortium’s (USAC) Summer Session I program. Students will have the opportunity to live and learn in the foothills of the Costa Rican rain forest in the beautiful city of San Ramón. Students will be able to study a variety of academic disciplines, from Spanish Language and Cultural Studies to Life and Health Sciences. They will also participate in cultural activities and field trips outside the classroom, immersing them in the wildlife, scenery, and culture of Costa Rica. Honors College students who have studied here in the past have credited the experience as being extraordinarily inspiring and impactful.

Honors College students participating in this trip will also work with non-profits and government agencies that focus on healthcare, nutrition, education, and the environment—a special, honors-only community-based service experience that is especially applicable to those in the health and pre-health fields.

Students will not pay any additional fees for this opportunity; the cost will be covered by the Honors College. Other special honors-only trip benefits will include a session with USAC staff pre-departure to prepare for the experience, as well as a post-trip debrief after the program with Honors College faculty member Dr. Daniel Villanueva.

The deadline to apply for USAC-specific scholarships is March 15, and the deadline to apply for the Costa Rica trip is April 1. USAC scholarships awarded to Honors College students for this trip can be combined with funds awarded through the Honors College’s international travel fund. Honors College funding applications are due March 1.

Further information for the trip, as well as the application, can be found on the USAC San Ramón program website.

We encourage you to apply for this incredible trip today!