Incoming Students

Accepting Admission to the Honors Program

As soon as they are accepted to the Honors Program, students should complete and return the Acceptance Form. This form, which allows you to be recognized as an Honors student in MyNEVADA, is the crucial first step in registering for Honors classes.

Academic Advising for Incoming Students

Upon accepting admission to the Honors Program, students should familiarize themselves with the various options for academic advising available to them as incoming students:

First-Year Seminar

All incoming Honors students will be enrolled in a section of HON 215, the Honors first-year seminar. For more information about this foundational Honors course, consult the HON 215 page.

Honors Residential Scholars Community

Incoming students planning to live on campus are eligible to become members of the Honors Residential Scholars Community. Space is limited, so apply for housing early.

Honors Student Handbook

Honors students are bound by the policies set out in the Honors Student Handbook, which includes information for students at every stage of their undergraduate career.

Events for Incoming Honors Students

Plan to attend the Honors Ice Cream Social and Incoming Honors Student Retreat this August. See the Events page for more information.