Profiles: Ron Phaneuf

Ron Phaneuf

Hi! I am Ron Phaneuf. I have been teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno, for 13 years. I teach Physics 181 and calculus based physics classes. I offer an honors section of introductory physics, where I get to know students on a more personal level than in a regular class. Having a smaller class size allows me to tailor the course to students' needs and aptitudes. It also allows me to have more interaction with the students and create a more in-depth class experience. This semester, I participated in the Great Presentations program that was sponsored by the honors department. My presentation was titled "Shedding Light on Ions: Physics between the Big Bang and Big Business." It introduced physics to honors students who may not have been familiar with it. I like to help students understand their physical intuition. When a student gets it, that's a great moment.