Profiles: Yoichi Ishida

Yoichi Ishida

I'm Yoichi and I just graduated this spring with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy. This past year I spent as an honors student working with my advisors philosophy professor Thomas Nickles. Professor Nickles inspired me to take on the controversial study of the philosophy of biology and science. With his help I've made real progress. Not only was I able to secure an undergraduate research grant worth $1000 but I've already been able to present my study research thesis to various professional groups. My thesis is based on a Darwinian approach to a problem-solving method and employs the idea of using science to make predictions and organize thoughts as well as understand reality. I wouldn't have developed an interest in this field if it weren't for the philosophy department's structure, the classes and faculty and my mentor, professor Nickles. I've decided to return to the University for Graduate School in order to maintain my professional liaison with professor Nickles and continue my research. He's my hero and if your hero is alive, you want to study with them.