Profiles: College of Engineering

Indira Chatterjee

Hi! I am Indira Chatterjee. I've been teaching at the University for 17 years. I teach circuits, electromagnetics and graduate level classes in the Department of Electrical Engineering. I received my master's degree in physics from Case Western Reserve University, and my Ph. D. in electrical engineering from the University of Utah.

Honors students hold a special place in my heart. They are bright and work without much guidance. I get to know them really well.

Honors work gives students a challenge that makes them go above and beyond what other students are doing. Honors students come away from the University with a different experience. I would, however, like to see more students doing honors work in the area of engineering.

Students are the best thing about teaching. It's nice to feel like you've made a difference. It's really great when students come back to visit and let me know how they're doing.