Profiles: College of Education

Kathryn M. Obenchain

Hello, I am Kathryn M. Obenchain, associate professor in the College of Education.

I advise Honors students who choose to study education at a higher level.  Working with future teachers is an honor.  As a teacher it is my job to challenge and motivate talented students.  The students can choose to pursue a specific interest more in-depth, and will work one-on-one with a faculty member.  Close contact between professor and Honors student is a must for success.  My involvement with honors students has been extremely rewarding.

Typical projects Honors students have done in my education courses have been additional or expanded curriculum units.  The students are responsible for developing and teaching innovative curriculum.  This includes investigating content knowledge and demonstrating their ability to translate difficult and often abstract knowledge into experiences from which their future students can learn.

Honors students can make my course in education their honors course.  It is vigorous, but they can obtain expertise in a certain area, giving them the opportunity to store helpful knowledge for the future.