Profiles: College of Business Administration

Mark Pingle

I am Mark Pingle, professor and chair of the department of economics. It is a treat to be an Honors professor, because the average Honors student is more interested in what is going on in the world, which makes the class discussions more interesting and useful.

From the perspective of the students, the best benefit of being in an Honors Program is meeting other Honors students. Being able to take a course that is full of students who are just as motivated as you are helps keep you working hard, and hard work is the most important thing in terms of getting value out of education.

The pace of an Honors Program is significantly faster. I expose the students to higher-level analysis (at a few different points in the course) than they would see in a non-Honors class. I also have the students produce a movie, a special Honors project, where they use their creativity to teach an economic concept of their choice.

For me and for our department, the Honors Program is an opportunity to expose some of the better students on campus to economics. They get an economics course that is somewhat more demanding, and somewhat non-traditional, but mostly they get exposed to a discipline (or a way of thinking) that will help them make sense of the social world in which they reside.

Chandeni Gill, 2005 Honors Graduate

Hi! I'm Chandeni Gill. Being an Honors student at the University of Nevada, Reno, has allowed me to push myself academically while still maintaining an active role in other school-related activities. The Honors Program taught me time management, organization, and placed me in an atmosphere surrounded by other students who had a high level of self-discipline and love for learning.

I have met some spectacular people by being involved in the program. Not only are the advisors and directors wonderful leaders and role models, but also other Honors students within the program serve as great support and provide guidance. In time, the program becomes your own little family that you become attached to.

Being in an Honors Program has helped me earn a graduate assistantship in the economics department. The opportunities it has provided me have improved my work and study skills. I believe that will serve a very beneficial and influential role in my immediate and future career.