Honors Bonner Leaders Program

Members of the Honors Bonner Leader Program

Honors Bonner Leaders Program

The Honors Program at the University of Nevada, Reno has long been committed to encouraging its students to serve. Over the course of its fifty-year history, Honors students have given thousands of hours of their time in support of worthy causes. In recent years, Honors students have participated in a wide range of health and wellness, environmental, and arts and culture initiatives. In fall 2016, incoming Honors students even worked to assist refugees resettling in Northern Nevada.

In order to better support and recognize the outstanding service contributions of its students, the Honors Program is introducing the Honors Bonner Leaders Program. Developed by the Bonner Foundation, Bonner Leader Programs provide students with opportunities to serve their local, national, and global communities in a sustained and meaningful way. The Program's proven four-year developmental model guides students in assuming progressively responsible roles within their chosen service organizations as well as preparing them for employment in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors. Students admitted to the Honors Program may also apply to become Honors Bonner Leaders. Click the button below to apply.

Honors Bonner Leaders Program

Priority is given to first-generation colleges students, members of underrepresented groups, and students who demonstrate financial need.


Honors Bonner Leaders are members of the Honors Program entitled to all Honors benefits. In addition, Bonner Leaders will:

  • Receive a financial award each fall and spring;
  • Participate in a first-year seminar focused on service;
  • Receive monthly training and professional development over the four years;
  • Participate in the governance of the Honors Bonner Leaders Program;
  • Enjoy opportunities to serve as representatives to the national Bonner Student Congress;
  • Become members of the extensive Bonner Alumni Network.


Honors Bonner Leaders must complete all requirements of the Honors Program. In addition, Bonner Leaders will:

  • Complete 140 hours of service per semester (280 hours per academic year, or approximately 10 hours per week);
  • Attend monthly all-Bonner meetings;
  • Attend monthly cohort meetings;
  • Attend periodic site- and/or issue-based meetings;
  • Log their hours using the Bonner Web-Based Reporting System (BWBRS);
  • Evaluate their Community Learning Agreement annually;
  • Complete Bonner Student Impact Surveys.

Need to get a service event pre-approved for Bonner credit? Already attended an approved event and need to submit your hours for verification? Use the forms below.

Event Approval Form

Hour Verification Form