Honors Advising for Current Students

 Appointment Scheduler

Honors Advising Appointments

Use the link above to schedule Honors advising appointments including prospective Honors advising and withdrawals.

Please note that, if you have been invited to schedule an advising appointment via SSC, you must do so by following the unique link included in the email you received. If an SSC advising campaign is underway, any Honors advising appointment made using the link above will be canceled without notice.

Thesis Writing Consultant Appointments

Use the link above to schedule appointments with a thesis writing consultant.

Fellowship & Scholarship Appointments

Use the link above to reserve a place at a fellowships fair or information session or to schedule an individual fellowships advising appointment after you have attended a fair or information session.

Incoming Student Priority Advising Sessions

Use the link above to register for Reno and Las Vegas priority advising sessions for entering first-year students.

If you need to schedule an appointment for any other reason, or if you are unable to schedule an appointment using the above links, please call our office at (775) 784-1455.

Spring 2020 Honors Courses

Advising in the Honors Program is formatted to assist students with their course schedule, answer questions about program requirements, and serve as a referral system to other campus resources.

Requirements and Expectations

Freshmen are required to meet with an Honors advisor and academic advisor prior to taking their first class.

First-year students and seniors should arrange appointments with their Honors advisors in the fall semester; sophomores and juniors should arrange appointments in the spring semester.

Only after an Honors student is advised in the Honors Program, will the student be cleared for registration and given Priority Registration. The Honors advising process is designed to advise students on their academic progress in Honors. Students should be aware of their responsibilities as an advisee.

  • Students should contact and regularly keep in touch with the Honors Program.
  • Students should make appointments early and keep appointments or call to change or cancel appointments.
  • Students should come to appointments prepared and with specific questions in mind.
  • Students should have met or scheduled an appointment with major advisors.
  • Students should be equipped with writing utensils, tentative class schedule (created in Schedule Planner in MyNEVADA) and Honors checklist.
  • Students should ask about other information related to the Honors Program, e.g., national scholarships, scheduled events, and service opportunities.
  • Prior to the appointments, students should prepare a preliminary schedule of classes for both the upcoming semester and rest of one's undergraduate study (Schedule Planner in MyNEVADA).
  • Students should have a positive attitude and leave the advising session with a smile.

NOTE: Honors advising only addresses issues specific to the University Honors Program and should not be confused with academic advising. Each student should see their academic advisor at least once a year or as needed or required by their college.