Honors FAQ


Additional FAQs about the Honors College

  • What are housing options for honors kids?

    The Honors College LLC is a wonderful housing option for new students in the program. It is currently located in the Nevada LLC building and has, on average, about 50 beds available each year. Students interested in living in the LLC can submit an application at the time they apply to the Honors College.

  • How do the honors classes differ from the regular classes? Are they just harder?

    Honors classes are typically smaller, especially at lower division levels, and are selected via a competitive application process. They involve more discussion, more direct student engagement, and often feature innovative and creative pedagogies. Difficulty is challenging to assess in a blanket manner, as each student has different preferred subjects and strengths. We prefer to think instead of honors classes as having a singular “inspiration profile” which facilitates more rapid and, at the same time, in-depth topical exploration.

  • Is there a link to a list of honors classes?

    You can view a list of past honors courses online. Each semester there is variance among honors class offerings, as faculty must submit a proposal to teach honors classes and these are reviewed in a competitive application process.


  • Are the students still members of other colleges? Do they graduate with two degrees?

    All of our students are members of another school or college/department by the time they graduate. Their honors designation at completion will vary depending on the pathway they have chosen. None of the Honors College pathways are technically degrees, but they do offer credentialing that is appropriate for resume inclusion and recognition.

  • Is there an Honors academic advisor?

    Students are assigned an academic advisor in their program of study, and that advisor is their primary advisor for course registration. The Honors College's academic advisor, Kety Luna, can also help with class selection. Questions about honors courses can be directed to your peer mentor/coach and/or Kety. 


  • How many students does each mentor oversee?

    This depends on team and semester, but the average is between 8-15.

  • What are resources for 2e kids?

    The Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities (NCED) at the University of Nevada, Reno can provide community resources to 2e students. Additionally, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) will provide accommodations to students upon request and consultation.

  • Are there scholarships specifically for honors students?

    The Honors College offers two funds just for members. One is to support undergraduate research and one is for international travel. Contact staff if you are interested in applying.  

  • Does the Honors College sponsor any travel, domestically or abroad?

    Each year the Honors College endeavors to sponsor at least two international trips that are open to Honors College students. A fund is available for students seeking some assistance on a need-basis for these trips.  Trips are led by University of Nevada, Reno faculty/staff and in conjunction with USAC (University Study Abroad Consortium) and vary in length, geography and cost. 

  • What kind of extra-curricular things does the Honors College sponsor?

    Each year the Honors College staff, Honors Student Council, Honors Living and Learning Community, and Peer Mentor/Coaching program offer a diverse range of social and community-building activities for students in our program. These include local trips (area trails and Lake Tahoe, for ex.) and BBQs, other meals out, game nights and sponsored events with faculty/staff.