The University of Nevada, Reno Honors Program is one of 1,400 Honors Programs and Colleges that exist in colleges and universities across the United States.

1962: The Honors Program at the University of Nevada, Reno gained a foothold in Honors education as the honors study program.

1988: Martin Nemko's How to Get an Ivy League Education at a State University was published rating the University of Nevada as a "public ivy" offering Ivy League quality at state school prices

1989: UNR Honors Program established

1992: UNR Presidential Scholarships program established

1994: Robert Sullivan's Ivy League Programs at State School Prices: the 55 Best Honors Programs at State Universities Nationwide was published identifying UNR's Program as a high-quality program in the West.

2004: Honors Program showcases outstanding UNR faculty in Great Presentations lecture series

2005: Honors Residential Scholars Community (HRSC) established in the Nevada Living Learning Community

2005: Honors Program establishes the Office of Undergraduate Fellowships

2006: Honors Student Ambassadors program established

2006: Honors Undergraduate Research Award (HURA), Excellence in Honors awards, Honors-USAC travel scholarships established

2007: Honors alumni chapter formed

2008: Honors Program moves to the Jot Travis Building overlooking Manzanita Lake

2009: UNR becomes the state's only National Merit sponsoring institution

Today: Member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC), National Association of Fellowships Advisors (NAFA), Honors Education at Research Universities (HERU) and headquarters of the Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC)