Enjoy the benefits of going Honors!

"From the perspective of the students, the best benefit of being in the Honors Program is meeting other honors students. Being able to take a course that is full of students who are just as motivated as you are helps keep you working hard, and hard work is the most important thing in terms of getting value out of education."
-Mark Pingle, economics professor and Honors Program faculty

  • Honors Curriculum - Taught by distinguished faculty and tailored for Honors Program students, Honors courses are available in the University's core curriculum, in the student's major, and as electives.
  • Dynamic instruction - The University's most highly regarded faculty teach in the Honors Program. These instructors probe more deeply into theory or venture further into application often through a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Small class size - Most Honors classes are limited to a maximum of 25 students.
  • Honors Residential Scholars Community (HRSC) - This living learning community is open to all incoming Honors first-year students who will live in the residence halls. The HRSC offers students the opportunity to develop strong friendships with other Honors students while fostering a supportive and academically enriching living environment.
  • Honors Advisement - A personal Honors advisor monitors each Honors student's progression through the Honors Program to help the student reach his/her academic goals.
  • Priority Registration - Honors students have the privilege to register for classes at an earlier time than other undergraduate students each semester.
  • Extended Library Privileges - Honors students enjoy extended library loan periods, a specialized librarian, and invitations to workshops.
  • Office of Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Research - Honors seniors working on their theses can apply for funding to conduct their research.
  • Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowships - Current undergraduate and graduate students, and alum of the University of Nevada who are interested in applying for national fellowships such as the DAAD, Fulbright, Gates Cambridge, Goldwater, Madison, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Truman and Udall are invited to participate in informational sessions, workshops, and other activities related to the application process of these nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.
  • Special recognition at graduation - All students graduating in the Honors Program receive special recognition at graduation and an Honors convocation ceremony. Additionally, students' final transcripts indicate the successful completion of the Honors Program; courses are noted as Honors, and senior thesis titles are printed on the transcript.
  • Campus-wide support - The Honors Program is university-wide and compatible with all academic majors.