About the Honors Program

Program Overview

The Honors Program seeks to provide students who are both academically talented and highly motivated with an undergraduate education that nurtures and promotes students' capacities to think competently, understand deeply and act ethically.

The Honors Program is university-wide and compatible with all majors. Successful participation in the Honors Program gives highly qualified students the ability to become skilled in their specific disciplines and the personal satisfaction of having met and accomplished the most innovative and challenging program available at the University.

"Great Presentations" Lecture Series

"Great Presentations" bring senior scholars and outstanding faculty from across the University to Honors for spirited discussions. Click above for our 2016-2017 lecture dates and speakers.

Honors Benefits

The Honors Program is your launching pad to the education and future you deserve.

Honors Requirements

Learn more about the requirements for graduating from the Honors Program.

Honors' National Profile

Click above to read an article in the Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council about our Program!

Honors Bonner Leaders Program

NEW! Are you an entering first-year student in the Honors Program? Bonner Leaders is a four-year service-based program which combines real work experiences in Reno non-profit organizations with leadership development, training, and education that help students transition from volunteers to leaders on campus and in their community. Click above to find out more and apply!