History Matters

History Matters partners with KWNK, Reno's community radio station. Through the course of the week, participating students will work together and with University mentors to imagine, craft and record podcasts for broadcast on historical topics they believe are relevant to their lives today, thereby making their voices heard.

By participating in History Matters you will

  • Create compelling stories
  • Practice the craft of history
  • Gain hands-on digital media skills by creating a podcast from start to finish
  • Collaborate with fellow students, mentors, and radio professionals
  • Become familiar with the University
  • Participate in community conversations
  • Make potential internship connections


The History Matters experience is about conversation and collaboration. Through the week you will interact with your peers, with University historians, academic and technical specialists, artists, and community activists.

Together, we will craft stories relevant to today but grounded in our collective past. The past is all around us — in the built environment, in murals and material things, in documents and old photographs, in the stories of our grandparents and neighbors, and even in social media streams. The past is a kaleidoscope world where a myriad of stories interweave. History is the sum of these stories, tracing who we were on the way to becoming who we will be.

History Matters Frequently Asked Questions

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