Maintaining Graduate Standing

People who have been admitted to graduate programs in the department of history at the University of Nevada, Reno are required to respond to the letter of admission in writing, stating whether or not they intend to enroll. Should someone admitted to the program neither respond to the letter of admission nor request deferral, the department will ask that the Graduate School to cancel the offer of admission.

Students in graduate programs at the University of Nevada, Reno are required by the Graduate School to enroll in a minimum of three graduate credits in each fall and spring semester to remain in Graduate Standing. The department of history decides whether students who fail to maintain Graduate Standing are to be readmitted to the program at any subsequent date. Students who are unable to take the minimum number of credits in a given semester should request a Leave of Absence if they wish to retain their status in a graduate program. Students may be admitted to the M.A. or M.A.T. program under a "Prescribed Program of Study," or to the Ph.D. program under a "Provisional Admission." These courses of action may be taken for students whose prior background displays promise but does not fully meet the requirements for unrestricted admission. Students who are admitted in these ways have their first semester's or academic year's coursework prescribed by the graduate advisor, in consultation with faculty in the students' areas of interest. Successful completion of this coursework (with no grade below "B-" and at least 3.0 GPA for each semester) ends the period of prescription. If any course grade is below "B-" or the GPA in the program falls below 3.0, the student's Graduate Standing in the program is terminated.

Students who fail to make satisfactory progress toward the degree will be dropped from the graduate program.

Academic dishonesty is grounds for dismissal from any graduate program in the department of history. Should any graduate student in the department be determined to be guilty of academic dishonesty, following the procedures outlined in the University's Academic Dishonesty Policy, the department's graduate studies committee will request that the Graduate School dismiss the student from his or her graduate program, immediately. Refer to the University Standards for more information.