Department of History internships

Internships with the Department of History are an excellent way to expand your academic experience, connect with professors on a deeper level and become involved in community projects. The following positions are our in-house selective paid internships, which will help students to grow professionally while working closely with professors and the community.

Editorial Assistant

This is a prestigious paid internship with the Department of History. Becoming the editorial assistant allows the student to explore career opportunities in the cutting edge realm of digital history. Students will develop skills such as web design, online exhibit strategy and department social media development. Close contact with professors, guest lecturers and the community at large will allow for professional growth and introduce the student to one of the exciting career paths available to history majors.

Shared History Interns

The intern/student for the Shared History Program will be trained to assist in executing a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of the program and the intern's experience.

  • Assist with preparing materials for public programs
  • Assist with background research for the physical and virtual exhibits
  • Assist in writing, formatting and printing exhibit labels
  • Assist in coordinating with @One at the Knowledge Center to produce labels, text and mounted photographs and illustrations for physical and virtual exhibits
  • Work with the SHP Coordinator and local museum exhibit curators to design and mount physical exhibits in the SHP exhibit space in Mack Social Science
  • Research and conduct oral history audio/video interviews associated with SHP projects.
  • Assist in indexing oral history and oral memory contributions, utilizing Stories Matter software
  • Assist in designing and implementing portions of virtual exhibits utilizing Final Cut video editing software
  • Assist in designing and implementing portions of virtual exhibits utilizing Adobe CS6 editing software