History Department News

October 2018

History Kids U camp

Kids U History camp in the classroomDuring the Washoe County School District's October break, a group of intrepid elementary and middle school students spent a week on campus hosted by Kids University Fall Camp. These future university students learned about the humanities and the sciences. They spent a morning with the Department of History's Shared History program. Shared History provides opportunities for students young and older to learn and practice public history through work with regional cultural institutions, such as museums, and researching and curating their own exhibits in the Shared History gallery, on-line, and out on the town. Research includes doing oral history, eliciting and recording the many wonderful and surprising stories of people's lives. During their morning with the student interns and professional staff of the Shared History program, our visitors learned a little bit about the power and the practice of oral history. The morning started outside on the grass with fun and interactive games, which involved everyone introducing themselves to each other and sharing little things about themselves. Then we discussed the power of storytelling and the impact stories can have. Many are familiar with the Story Corps project from clips played on their local NPR or other radio stations or perhaps from discovering the project on the web. We shared several of these particularly powerful stories with the students. In one of these stories, a woman shared stories of growing up as a child of a migrant farming family constantly on the move from harvest site to harvest site, from school to school, until one day the arrival of a visiting bookmobile utterly transformed her life. She discovered books and the worlds they contain. Our goal was to encourage the students to think about and share their own stories in an oral history workshop later in the morning. In the workshop, the children recorded a sampling of their own stories interviewing one another about sports, hobbies, travel, an important family story, or personal struggles. They topped off the workshop by drawing a picture to share that captured some element of the story they told in their interview.

Evans article in front of a brick background

Political scientist dispels belief that Russian steelworkers didn’t protest in 1990s

Assistant professor Allison Evans publishes “Labour protest and industrial peace: Russian steelworkers’ encounters with economic reforms and unravelling social protections”

"RENO Nevada" street art mural by Reno-based muralist Joe C. Rock. This mural can be found on the Center Street side of The Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel located in downtown Reno.

University community invited to experience Reno’s Street Art like never before

University Libraries launches new Reno Street Art Project collection in partnership with Artown Tuesday, July 17

Assistant professor of history Cameron Strang

University professor uncovers lost history in new book

Cameron Strang is rethinking history with his new book 'Frontiers of Science'

Students throwing frisbee in front of Manzanita Lake with fountain in the middle

Summer Success Stories in the College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts faculty members have busy summer winning awards and grants

Renata Keller profile photo and a book jacket image of her book, "Mexico's Cold War: Cuba, the United States, and the Legacy of the Mexican Revolution"

History and political science departments’ news worth celebrating

Multiple University professors and doctoral candidates awarded for successes

Maria Hinojosa poses for photograph outside

Award-winning news anchor Maria Hinojosa on campus April 10

Topics of free, evening talk to include immigration, politics, Latinos in the media and more

Former United States Senator Harry Reid pictured in Washington

Inaugural Harry Reid Public Engagement Lecture to be held April 3

Lecture in Glick Ballrooms to feature former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid and former Secretary of State John Kerry

Emeritus Faculty at History Reception

University history department holds reception for recent move to Lincoln Hall

Event also honored long-time emeritus history faculty member Jim Hulse

University professor is recognized for book

University history professor co-awarded Willie Lee Rose Prize for book

Greta de Jong was recognized by the Southern Association for Women Historians

Chris Church and Greta de Jong are recognized for published works

University history professors recognized for published works

Christopher Church and Greta de Jong earn recognition for work on Charlottesville and southern history

Morrill Hall exterior photo

Campus highlights diversity and inclusion events for week of Sept. 5-8

A number of discussions and events on tap this week to keep campus updated on recent race and free speech developments

Scenic of the University Manzanita Lake

Faculty-generated website reaches more than 500 signatures denouncing racism

"unrfacultyagainstracism" affirms to students a "welcoming learning environment for all"