Global History

historical church"The Master said, ‘A true teacher is one who, keeping the past alive is also able to understand the present" - Confucius

What is Global History?

Global history, as a study, promotes knowledge and a historical skill set which leads to a historical focus on regions, nations, and even any single civilization. The processes of doing global history incorporates a broad range of knowledge for use in many fields. These historical focuses include: colonialism and imperialism, nationalism, international relations, environment, religion, ideologies, labor, migration/diaspora, industrialization, peace and war, science and technology, slavery, women/gender, commerce/trade, popular culture, and demography. Students who study global history will gain a perspective that is relevant to the world in which we live, and an education which they can apply to a multitude of careers.

The Department of History and Global History

The department of history emphasizes the importance of a global history education and offers classes that develop important historical skills, to include courses that cover almost any culture and country in the world. This helps students to discover the world in ways which develop them personally and professionally by introducing them to topics that are relevant to the world today. The department has a diverse faculty with research interests that span the globe and offers over 50 classes in global history including: Modern Chinese Medicine, Introduction to History of the Middle East, 20th Century Russia, and Gender and Sexuality in Latin America. Please use the UNR course catalog for more class listings.