Household items program

The Household Items Program will temporarily suspend operations on December 8, 2020 for winter break.  Operations will resume January 25, 2021 with COVID-19 operating guidelines.

The following operational guidelines have been implemented for both the safety of our student workers as well as patrons.

  1. There will be no physical contact between student workers and donators or recipients. Student workers will not enter a residence/building to pick-up or drop-off furniture.
  2. Donated furniture must be left curbside for pick-up, and we ask that it be disinfected before donation. As always, only furniture that meets our quality standards will be picked up.
  3. Furniture for recipients will be disinfected by HIP Student Workers before being dropped off curbside/outside of the residence.
  4. Furniture will not be picked up from or delivered to households where a person or persons have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or have been told to self-isolate.
  5. Donators and recipients are responsible for informing the HIP if they are feeling unwell or have recently tested positive.

The GSA Household Items Program is a free service to provide furniture to graduate students in need. We pick up items that are donated by members of the University and Reno community and hold them in our storage units near campus. Graduate students can put in a request to receive donated items up to three times a year. Our goal is to serve graduate students and their families to make moving to and living in Reno a smooth process.

Please note: We are not a moving company. We only pick-up and drop off donations but we do not charge fees for any of our services.

Requesting items

If you are a graduate student that would like to request items from our storage facilities, please browse our GSA Facebook Page for available items (linked below) and send an email to with the item # and description that you are requesting. Items are given to Graduate Students on a first come, first served basis and our services are designed for graduate students in need. Please do not use our service to upgrade existing furniture. Students are limited to 2 usages of the program per semester, and 3 usages per year.

Since email is not considered to be a secure form of communication, it is always recommended that students do not provide the following information via email: social security number, specific grades received, credit card information, user name or password, date of birth and NSHE ID.

View our current inventory of items on our GSA Household Items Facebook page


If you are interested in donating items, we can arrange to pickup gently used furniture and transfer them to our storage facility. Please complete the form request button below, and we will get back to you within 3-4 business days. The most requested items are couches, desks, chairs and drawers. We do NOT accept mattresses, computers/monitors, food, clothes, kids' toys, pet items, electronics, kitchen items, or books.  We reserve the right to refuse items on the basis of their physical condition.

Request a pickup

Information for furniture donors

  • Inclement weather policy - In the event of inclement weather near the time of your appointment, a representative from the Graduate Student Association will contact you at least 2 hours before your appointment to reschedule your pick up. As representatives of the University of Nevada, Reno the safety of our Household Items Program workers is paramount, and we do not allow them to work in weather situations that are considered threatening or dangerous.
  • Condition of furniture - We accept gently used furniture items and have the right to refuse items that are broken or in poor condition.
  • Risk of injury - Any items being donated must be on a ground floor and easily accessible by our HIP Student Workers. We do not allow them to take furniture up and down stairwells as this poses risk of serious injury as well as the potential for damage.
  • Donation of additional items - Our HIP student workers can only take items that were arranged prior to the pickup appointment. If you have additional items you would like to donate that were not scheduled for your appointment you must submit another donation request form for any additional items.
  • Tax donation - At your appointment you will be given a UNR Tax Donation Form that you may fill out and return to the UNR Foundation. The address is listed on the bottom of the Gift in Kind Form, once you have mailed it in, the foundation will send you a receipt for your taxes.

If you have any questions, please contact  Household Items Program via email or by calling our office at 775-327-5190.