Robert del Carlo

headshot of Robert del Carlo

Robert del Carlo

Council member, College of Health Sciences


Robert, or “Bobby,” is a doctoral candidate in the Cellular Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology program. He is interested in improving equality in student pay and expanding graduate student resources and community. As an incumbent representative of the Health Sciences, this is his second year as the elected vice chair of the Judicial, Budget and Finance Committee. Last year, he led a revision of the GSA bylaws and constitution, changes which will go into effect this session.

This year, he is continuing his service on the university’s LGBTQIA+ Task Force where he has represented queer students on campus. In this role, he has created self-identifying, self-add email listservs for several affinity groups on campus to help foster community and facilitate communication of events, public policy initiatives, and opportunities pertinent to graduate-level Latinx, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native/Indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ people.