Household Items Program

GSA Household Items Graphic

Welcome to the Household Items Program.

Program Overview: The GSA Household Items Program is a free service to provide furniture to graduate students in need. We pick up items that are donated by members of the UNR and Reno community and hold them in our storage units near campus. Graduate students can put in a request to receive donated items up to three times a year. Our goal is to serve graduate students and their families to make moving to and living in Reno a smooth process. 

Note: We are not a moving company.  We only pick-up and drop off donations but we do not charge fees for any of our services.

Donations: If you are interested in donating items, we can arrange to pickup gently used items and transfer them to our storage facility. Please fill out this form and we will get back to you within one business day. We do NOT accept mattresses, computers/monitors, food, clothes, kids' toys, pet items, televisions, or books. The most requested items are couches, desks, chairs and drawers. We reserve the right to refuse items on the basis of their physical condition and are no longer able to accept mattresses due to issues with bedbugs in the Reno area. 

Item Requests: If you are a graduate student that would like to request items from our storage facilities, please fill out this form and browse our GSA Facebook Page "Available Household Items" photo album. Items are given to Graduate Students on a first come, first served basis and our services are designed for graduate students in need. Please do not use our service to upgrade existing furniture. Students are limited to 2 usages of the program per semester, and 3 usages per year.

If you have any questions you can contact Household Items Program via email or by calling our office at 775-327-5190.  Since email is not considered to be a secure form of communication, it is always recommended that students do not provide the following information via email: social security number, specific grades received, credit card information, user name or password, date of birth and NSHE ID.

Our current inventory of items can be found on our GSA Household Items Facebook page.

Thank you notes:

  • "I am a new UNR graduate student and I want to thank the GSA household items programs for provide many furniture for my new apartment. I encourage all news students to seek such help. The furniture were very helpful for my new apartment. I really appreciate everyone from GSA especially Ricardo Saldivar for this kind of program." Eduardo Marostegan de Paula.
  • "Hi, I am a beneficiary of the household items program organized by GSA. I express my whole hearted gratitude to the GSA officials for coordinating such a helpful program for the graduate students and to all the nice minded people who have immensely supported this program with their generous donations. I sincerely hope that this program will help more graduate students to start a new chapter of their life at UNR. Thanks a lot." Prabath Palathingal
  • "After making the short-term move to Reno for only two years we were worried about our finances and not spending too much on furnishing an apartment before moving across the country at the end of studies. The GSA warehouse was fantastic! We were able to borrow basic furniture and household items which set us up in the new apartment. We would have lived with far less had it not been for the donated goods at the GSA warehouse. You made our first home together more of a home. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." Amar Shukla, May 30th 2013
  • "I am a UNR graduate student that used the Household Item Program some weeks ago, for furnishing my new appartment. I would like to thank everybody who is involved in this program and especially all those people that support the program with their donations. Their unconditional contribution and support is highly recognized and appreciated. I believe that this program is valuable for graduate students and especially for those that are moving to Reno from other places. It helps us make a start in a new place and eventually improves our lifes. Thank you everybody" Denis Istratii June 26th 2013