Spring Award winners 2020

Outstanding Graduating Graduate Award

  • Sima Aznavi, Electrical Engineering*
  • Erica Shebs, Animal and Rangeland Science

Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award

  • Chevonne Sutter, Special Education*
  • Raj Shukla, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Rebecca George, Anthropology
  • Ryan Wu, Statistics and Data Science

*Will also be recognized with a University Honor the Best Award 

Milton Glick Memorial Scholarship

  • Jena Casas, Clinical Psychology
  • Jennifer Heppner, Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
  • Natalie Rosenquist, Public Health

Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship

  • Edurne Arostegui, Basque Studies
  • Oveis Asgari Gashteroodkhani, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Heather Benson, Geography
  • Kristen Broehl, Anthropology
  • Megan Cannella, Literature
  • Rami Chkaiban, Pavement Engineering
  • Mukesh Gautam, Electrical Engineering
  • Isaura Gutierrez, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Justine Habibian, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Hamed Hasani, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Christina McSherry, Anthropology
  • Angela Pitera, Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
  • Cassie Skipper, Anthropology
  • Haley Toups, Biochemistry

Outstanding International Graduate Student Scholarship

  • Michael Abdelmalak, Electrical Engineering
  • Mahmoud Aboukifa, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Paschal Apanga, Public Health
  • Rushikesh Battulwar, Mineral Resource Engineering
  • Chiranjivi Bhattarai, Atmospheric Science
  • Luiz Carneiro, Mechanical Engineering
  • Seyed Hoseini Alinodehi, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Molla Shakirul Islam, Chemistry
  • Milad Jahed Orang, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ashish Kasar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dori Kenessey, Anthropology
  • Stephanos Khalil, Civil Engineering
  • Marena Manierka, Integrative Neuroscience
  • Ilaria Vinci, Statistics and Data Science
  • Xinying Wang, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Francesco Zuniga, Statistics and Data Science

Outstanding Creative Writer Scholarship

  • Andrew Butter, English
  • December Cuccaro, English

Outstanding Artist Award

  • Megan Winegardner, Visual Art
  • Teal Francis, Art

Research, Travel and Materials Grant Program

  • John Baggett, Biochemistry
  • Jean Cabell, Interdisciplinary Social Psychology
  • Marie Christine Garcia, History
  • Amandeep Gill, Physics
  • Avery Grant, Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
  • Ari Grele, Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation Biology
  • Laura Johnson, Public Health
  • Scott King, Journalism
  • Elizabeth Langdon-Lassagne, Geological Sciences
  • Kelli McKeegan, Ecology Evolution and Conservation Biology
  • Sarah Moody (Kruger), Interdisciplinary Social Psychology
  • Stephanie Otto, Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  • Heyang Qin, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Birendra Rana, Geography
  • Peter Rerick, Interdisciplinary Social Psychology
  • Katherine Strain, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
  • Chanchanok Sudta, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
  • Eneko Tuduri, Basque Studies

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

  • Natalie Fetto, Chemistry
  • Matthew Harrison, Psychology 

Vada Trimble Outstanding Mentor Award

  • Lorraine Benuto, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Marianne Berryhill, Associate Professor, Psychology