Club and Organization Forms

Links to forms for current and new clubs and orgs.

Club Recognition Form
Each club and organization must complete and submit a club recognition form on or before October 31st of each academic year. (Note: All clubs and organizations must renew club recognition every year in order to be eligible for club funding.)

Club Funding Request Form
GSA recognized clubs and organizations are eligible for up to a $500 reimbursement per academic year for events, socials, conventions, or any GSA approved event! Submit a club funding request form no later than two weeks prior to the event. After submission of the form a representative from the requesting club or organization must attend a meeting held by the club funding committee. 

University Tax Exemption Form
The GSA and the University do not reimburse sales tax to any club or organization. As a GSA recognized club or organization, you are encouraged to bring a tax exemption form along when purchasing event items to avoid the out of pocket cost of sales tax. 

Club Handbook
It is important for each club to read and understand the policies and guidelines established by the GSA. The handbook provides nearly all of the information and answers clubs and organizations need in order to comply with GSA policies, thereby maximizing potential GSA funding for your club or organization. 

Student Group Reimbursement Form
In order to be reimbursed for a GSA approved and funded event, the purchases that you make must be tax free. Therefore you will want to print out the university tax exemption form and show it to the vendor at the time of purchase. THE UNIVERSITY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL REIMBURSE TAX. Furthermore, the GSA will only make a reimbursement to one individual per event. The person who is receiving the reimbursement is responsible for filling out the above online reimbursement form. Finally, you are required to bring in your original receipts to the GSA office, and they must be itemized. NON-ITEMIZED RECIEPTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. An example of an itemized and non-itemized receipt can be found here.