Graduate Student Association 2018-19 priorities

Campus appearance and greater recognition

  • GSA will be more vocal in University activities and affairs and represent Graduate Students effectively
  • Council members will serve in at least one University committees to represent GSA and report the activities at GSA council meetings
  • GSA Executive team will meet the President of the University of Nevada, Reno once in a month and update the council about the discussed topics 

Transparency and communication

  • The constituents will be regularly informed of all the GSA activities through flyers, newsletters, emails and social media
  • GSA will periodically hold a Graduate Student Form to communicate with the constituents and answer their questions
  • The office hours of all the executive team will be posted online for the constituents to consult
  • Each college representatives of GSA will hold an outreach event to mingle and communicate with their constituents
  • The Communications Committee must reach out to the University Marketing Office to ensure that all released information meets University's Accessibility requirements.

Local, state and federal advocacy

  • The Vice President of External Affairs will collaborate with Leadership of ASUN, GSA, SEC and Faculty Senate when necessary and participate in local, state and federal legislative matters that directly or indirectly affect University community

Diversity and inclusion

  • All the GSA events will be family friendly.
  • The GSA will strive to continue having a diverse representation in our council for the year 2018-19.
  • The GSA will have its 4th annual Unity in Diversity event in the spring 2019 executed by the Vice President of External affairs


  • In 2017-18, the GSA initiated and launched the University Leadership Alliance to unite the voices of the graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, staff and employees of University of Nevada Reno.
  • GSA will ensure the continuity of the collaboration of the four governing bodies on campus and ensure the sustainability of the University Leadership Alliance
  • GSA will collaborate with other entities whose actions interests the Graduate Student community at University


  • All the committees will meet at least once in a month other than GSA council meetings.
  • All GSA committees will perform effectively by identifying areas of collaboration of committees to achieve the maximum output
  • Non-council members will be encouraged to be involved by being part of the GSA committees.
  • GSA committees will maintain agenda and record minutes of their meeting and upload it in GSA Nevada Box to ensure transparency and accountably

Mental health awareness & assistance

  • Mental Health awareness and assistance for the Graduate Student community will be one of GSA's main priorities for the year 2018-19 led by the Vice President of Internal Affairs of GSA. GSA will initiate a collaboration with University Counseling Services and any other groups that may be of assistance to increasing mental health awareness for graduate students
  • Graduate students are statistically at a higher risk of experiencing mental health issues, and therefore, should be given more information on recognizing the signs and given more resources specifically intended for UNR graduate students in need of help.