September 2002 Agenda

September 12, 2002

I. Introduction of Council Members (hand-out)

II. Old Business
A. Approval of Minutes from May, 2002 Meeting (available at meeting)

III. Standing Reports
A. Graduate Dean - Linda Brinkley
B. Associate Dean - Marsha Read
C. GSA President - Marilou Woolm
D. Faculty Senate Representative

IV. New Business
A. Role of Graduate Council (Bylaws of the Graduate Council)
B. Highlights of Last Year's Council Actions (handout on policies)
C. Committee Assignments
1. Graduate Catalog Development
2. Policy/Procedures for Graduate Certificate Programs
3. Electronic Theses/dissertations
4. Policies/Procedures for Professional degrees and/or combined/accelerated Master's degrees
5. Policies/procedures for oral committees
D. Change to Courses and Curriculum Form (appended)