August 2005 Agenda

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

(NOTE TIME CHANGE) 2:30 to 4:30 pm

(NOTE NEW ROOM) Room 239

(NOTE NEW LOCATION) JTSU Ingersoll Senate Chamber

I. Introductions of Council Members

II. Old Business
a. Approval of the May 2005 meeting (attachment from M. Peters)

III. New Business
a. EECB External Review Graduate Council Liaison Person
b. Report from the Chair (your opportunity to lay out your agenda - below are some of my notes)

Upping the Ante - Moving Graduate Education to the next level
1. Review of Graduate Faculty status - what does it mean, what should it mean, how often is it revisited/reviewed at the program level?
2. Who should teach graduate level courses (400/600/700)? Can graduate students teach other graduate students? If so, at what level?
3. Off-campus cohort programs - do they offer the same educational experience/quality that the on-campus program does?
4. Should there be guidelines as to who should serve as a Graduate Program Director?
5. Should we have guidelines regarding the intellectual property of theses/dissertations? Who owns the intellectual property - the student, the major advisor?
6. Is training needed for academic integrity issues - if so at what level, when, by whom?

IV. Standing Reports
a. Associate Dean
b. Faculty Senate Liaison
c. GSA
d. Courses and Curricula