Dick and Charlotte McConnell join engineering building support

Dick and Charlotte McConnell before Honor Court pillar with the Jones Family Foundation inscribed.

Dick and Charlotte McConnell have pledged their support for the University's planned engineering building. The new building will complement the existing campus engineering complex and will provide essential research, laboratory and office space, as well as teaching and computer labs, to meet the growing demands of a college that has seen enrollment nearly double in the past decade. Dick, who worked in the specialty chemical field, and Charlotte, a retired IBM executive, are champions of engineering at Nevada and created the Women in Engineering Scholarship Endowment in 2007.

Photo: Dick and Charlotte McConnell at the 2015 Honor Court Celebration. (Photo by Theresa Danna-Douglas)

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To learn more about giving to the College of Engineering, contact Flynn Ginty at (775) 682-7696 or contact Scott Krizman at 775-682-7695.