Caring for those who care for us

Margot Page and sister BonnieIn recognition of the exceptional care she received from nurse Scottie Hendrickson, Margot Page, with her sister, Bonnie, has recently established the Scottie Hendrickson Nursing Scholarship Endowment to benefit students in the Orvis School of Nursing. A nurse for over twenty years, Scottie embodies a strong work ethic and a distinct love for her profession that is matched by her care for her patients.

Margot Page reflected on the impression Scottie Hendrickson made on her when she was her patient: "As soon as Scottie walked into my room, I knew that she was both rock solid and a life-saving buoy. I knew she was someone upon whom I could rely to be both truthful and compassionate."

Among her patients and coworkers, Scottie Hendrickson has earned a reputation for her kindness and strong work ethic. Her patients appreciate that she always asks the right questions that let her patients know that she cares about them personally.

Margot Page's sister, Bonnie, was with her during her most recent hospital visit and said of Scottie, "She was kind, tender, understanding, patient, loving, efficient, calm, and she was immediately focused on Margot's concerns, needs and pain."

A single mother, Scottie Hendrickson worked through nursing school while taking care of her family. She is a strong advocate for nursing education, particularly advanced practice degrees. (Her own commitment to her family prohibited her pursuing advanced education herself.) In honor of her continued dedication to her profession and her advocacy for higher education in her field, the Scottie Hendrickson Nursing Scholarship Endowment is designed to help single parents gain the education necessary to excel in this vital profession.

"Nurses have a tremendous impact on the quality of care for patients. In the course of their careers, nurses personally ensure the comfort and health of thousands of members of our community," said Patsy Ruchala, Director of the Orvis School of Nursing. "Supporting bright students with the same compassionate disposition that Scottie Hendrickson has displayed in pursuit of this important career not only honors an exemplar in the field but also ensures patients in northern Nevada continue to receive the best possible care."

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