Status of Females in STEM

American Association of University Women Reports
Topics include: women in STEM fields, girls' educational achievement during the past 35 years, relationship between girls' and boys' progress, pay gap and more.

Balancing the Equation
Summary of the issues surrounding women and girls' participation in STEM fields.

Bibliography on Gender and Technology in Education
Annotated and searchable bibliography that contains nearly 700 entries.

Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine Reports
Information on the education and employment of women scientists and engineers, and recommendations of ways to enhance women's advancement.

Equity Academy
Set of interactive online seminars that offers an opportunity to learn about the latest research on gender and STEM, explore curriculum for engaging girls in the classroom, unlock the key to mentorship, find teaching resources, and adopt evidence-based teaching practices.

Final Report on the Women's Experiences in College Engineering
Information about the reasons why women complete or leave college engineering programs.

Overcoming the Odds: Raising Academically Successful African American Young Women
Insights into the success female participants in the Meyerhoff Math and Science Scholarship program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

PREMA Resource Library
Links to research papers, policy reports, ICT tools and European research projects related to females in math and technology.

Tutorials for Change: Gender Schemas and Science Careers
Research on the role of gender in science.

Women, Girls, and SMET: Some Reflections on Retention
Explores the retention issues for women and minorities in the STEM disciplines.