Selected Online Math Activities

***Starred sites were selected as top choices by the Math Camp Program Assistant.***


Algebra Puzzle
Find the value of each of the three objects presented in the puzzle by examining the relationships among the objects.

Algebraic Reasoning
Find the value of a given object based on the information provided by two scales.

Algebraic Transformations
Transform a plus sign in 8 different ways to investigate the commutative property. Find out whether the order in which you perform two actions influence the result.

Explore substitution ciphers by encoding and decoding text messages.

Function Machine
Explore the concept of functions by putting values into this machine and observing their output.

Multiplying Binomials – 1
Visualize multiplying and factoring algebraic expressions using tiles.

Pan Balance – Expressions
"Weigh" the expressions you want to compare by entering them on either side of the balance.

Pan Balance – Numbers
Find numerical expressions that are equivalent to one another.

Pan Balance – Shapes
Use the pan balance to determine which shapes are equivalent in weight.

Proof Without Words: Pythagorean Theorem
Why does c2 = a2 + b2? Watch this proof to see if you can answer this question.

Seesaw Logic
Use the seesaw balance to compare the mass of different shapes.

Weigh the Wangdoodles
Find the weight of each Wangdoodle using the information provided by the scales. To be successful, you will have to make sure that the weight you assign to each Wangdoodle works on each scale.


Choose a starting place for a wildfire and enter the probability that it will spread; then watch the results as the fire weaves through the forest or burns itself out.

Adjustable Spinner
Test probability with a spinner.

Bar Grapher
Use this tool to graph data sets or input data you’ve collected.

Box Plotter
Plot and analyze pre-made data sets or your own data using this tool.

Circle Grapher
Graph data sets in a circle graph using this tool. You can input your own data or change a preā€‘made data set.

Coin Flips
Explore probability with a coin flip.

Hamlet Happens
Verify that rare events happen by drawing letters from a box.

Histogram Tool
Create a histogram for analyzing the distribution of a data set using data that you enter or using pre-loaded data that you select.

Mean and Median
Investigate the mean, median, and box-and-whisker plot for a set of data that you create using up to 15 points. Also, take the challenge to create 3 different data sets using exactly 6 points to meet various criteria (such as a mean of 50 and median of 50).

Racing Game with One Die
Play a probability game that involves rolling a die.

Random Drawing Tool – Individual Trials
Draw numbered tickets from a box. Which number would you expect to occur the most? the least?

State Data Map
Represent pre-loaded data or input your data about the states using colors.

Stick or Switch
Investigate probabilities of sticking with or switching a decision.


***Area Tool***
Find the similarities and differences among the area formulas for trapezoids, parallelograms, and triangles by determining how the length of the base and height are used to calculate area.

***Turtle Pond***
Guide a turtle to a pond using computer commands.

Angle Sums
Explore the angles in various polygons.

Area Explorer
Compare the relationship between area and perimeter through graphing.

Circle Tool
Compare circle areas and circumferences to radii and diameters through graphing.

Computing Pi
Discover a new way to calculate pi by calculating the areas of inscribed and circumscribed polygons. Compare this method with Archimedes’ method.

Cube Nets
Test your ability to visualize which nets can be folded into a cube.

Geometric Solids
Investigate the relationship between the number of faces, vertices, and edges of various polyhedrons.

Isometric Drawing Tool
Create figures using faces, edges, and cubes in 2-d and 3-d view.

Ladybug Leaf
Use turns and steps to program a ladybug to hide behind a leaf.

Pool Geometry 2
Use angles to play pool.

Shape Sorter
Using a diagram, sort shapes by various attributes.

Shape Tool
Create and design any geometric shape imaginable.

Surface Area and Volume
Manipulate three-dimensional polyhedra to experiment with surface area and volume.

Tiling with Triangles
Create tilings or tessellations of a plane (covering a plane with repeating shapes, leaving no gaps).

Turtle Geometry
Explore numbers, shapes, and logic by programming a turtle to move.


***Crossing the River***
Sailor Cat needs to bring a wolf, a goat, and a cabbage across the river.

Colors Game
Move colored chips of the same color in lines of 5 to earn points.

Use the least number of moves to unscramble the numbers.

Primary Krypto
Combine five number cards using the four arithmetic operations (+, –, ×, ÷) to arrive at a "target" number.

Product Game
Use your knowledge of factors and multiples to compete with another player to get four squares in a row—vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Tower of Hanoi
The goal is to move all the discs from the left peg to the right peg. Compete against a friend to see who can solve the puzzle in the shortest time or with the fewest number of moves.

Use the least number of moves to unscramble the numbers.


***Traffic Jam Game***
Help the red car get out of a jammed parking lot with the least number of moves.

You walk into a restaurant with a group of friends. The restaurant will push some tables together—but how many tables will be needed to ensure that everyone has a seat?

Count the Cubes
Develop a strategy to count the number of cubes that appear in each 3-d structure.

Fill a box with cubes, rows of cubes, or layers of cubes to determine a rule for finding the volume of a box.

Gems Twist
Rotate shapes to place them with their “own kind.”

Maze Race 2
Move the red ladybug through a maze to get it to food before the green one gets there.

OBBL Architecture Blocks
Create pictures using architectural blocks, but watch out because they don’t stay in one place.

Use the 12 pentomino combinations to solve problems.

Polygon Playground
Explore symmetry, tessellations, patterns, and more by dragging around various polygons.

Shape Inlay
Quickly place 2-d tiles to fill the shape's outline.

Use all seven Chinese puzzle pieces to make shapes and solve problems.