Instructional Support

AIMS Puzzles
Various puzzles (arrangement, number, logic, and more) based on math concepts.

Breaking Away from the Mathbook: Creative Projects for K-8
Hands-on lesson plans and games.

eGFI for Teachers
Lesson plans, class activities, outreach programs, and web resources related to engineering.

Encouraging Girls in Math and Science: Institute of Education Sciences Practice Guide
Specific and coherent evidence-based recommendations that educators can use to encourage girls in the fields of math and science.

Equity Academy
Set of interactive online seminars that offers an opportunity to learn about the latest research on gender and STEM, explore curriculum for engaging girls in the classroom, unlock the key to mentorship, find teaching resources, and adopt evidence-based teaching practices.

The Futures Channel
Video and print information about real-world uses of math and science.

Gateway to 21st Century Skills
Searchable educational database of math and tech activities, lesson plans, online projects, and assessment items.

Free, interactive graphic, algebra, and spreadsheet software.

Refereed online activities, lesson ideas, and web links based on National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards.

Logo in Mathematics Education
Free online Logo program for investigation of geometry concepts using turtle graphics, includes section with lesson plans for teachers.

Math Forum's Teacher's Place
Classroom lesson ideas, resources and question and answer forum.

Math Solutions
Books, webinars, courses, and lessons.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Interactive Mathematics
Concept tutorials, lessons, and interactive math learning tools to visualize relationships and applications.

Lessons, resource packs, research and journal articles, and links to professional development opportunities.

PBS TeacherSource
Classroom resources related to PBS programming, discussion forums, and online professional development opportunities.

Teachers' Lab in Mathematics
Online activities to build teachers' understanding of commonly taught math and science concepts.