What to Bring

camping tents

Contact Field Camp Director

Andrew Zuza

What to Bring

See the PDF Field Checklist for items you will need for sleeping, field gear, drafting equipment and personal items. Also covered is what NOT to bring and what we will provide.

Field Camp Rules and Regulations

Compliance with field camp rules and policies is essential for safety and consideration of your fellow students, ensuring the best learning environment and an organized and well run camp.  Please review the Rules and Procedures and return a signed copy of this document prior to your arrival at camp.

Field Safety Policy  and Information that you need to provide to us (insurance etc).

Please download the Field Safety Policy Release, which includes a pre-course questionnaire, locations for you to provide information on emergency contacts, existing conditions or allergies, and field safety policies.  You will need to provide a completed and signed copy of this document and a photocopy of your current insurance card demonstrating coverage for the time you will be at camp.  This information needs to be on file with us prior to your arrival at camp.