Gniess Outcrop with folded banding

Research in this area encompasses tectonics, metamorphic geochemistry, structural geology, and geodesy. Our faculty pursue fundamental research on mantle/lithosphere dynamics and metamorphism, tectonic deformation and recent history of Sierra Nevada and other orogenic systems worldwide. We are interested in the thermal and compositional changes associated with plate margin processes and we also have a strong focus on evolution and deformation in the Walker Lane and across the Basin and Range. The Nevada Geodetic Laboratory (NGL) conducts research in the field of space geodesy to study scientific problems that have both regional and global significance. They use Global Positioning System (GPS) to study tectonic activity across Nevada and to study global patterns in surface mass loading and global-scale plate tectonic problems.

Faculty: Cao, Gordon, NBMG: Faulds, Zuza, NGL: Blewitt, Hammond, Kreemer