Photo of Scott Feehan outside with a forest behind him.

Scott Feehan

Ph.D. in Hydrology


My research is focused on understanding the physical processes involved in the evolution of landscapes on Earth and other planets. Surface dynamics vary over ranging time and spatial scales, by utilizing the mechanics involved in driving these processes I am able to better understand the relative importance of each component and how they may change as the system evolves. I am interested in how perturbations to regional environments such as high magnitude more frequent flows, changes in sediment transport characteristics, and mass movement affect the landscape we see today. In order to address these topics, I use tools that draw heavily from field methods, remote sensing, various dating techniques, numerical modelling and theory for what cannot be accounted for. These methods allow me to quantify the fundamental aspects of these processes and apply them to seemingly dissimilar environments that ultimately abide by the same physical constraints. By exploiting this connection throughout surface processes my work has been able to take place in a wide variety of environments and address broad questions about our changing planet and the habitability of others.


  • Bachelor of Science, Geology. Oregon State University 2017