James (Jim) Trexler, Ph.D.

James Trexler

Contact Information


  • Ph.D. 1984, University of Washington; geology
  • M.S. 1976, University of Oklahoma; geology
  • B.S. 1974, University of Maryland; geology

Research Areas:

My research focuses on the field investigation of tectonically influenced sedimentary basins. I am interested in developing ideas about the stratigraphic and sedimentologic signals of plate-tectonic activity, and how sedimentary basins are generated in zones of collision, transverse slip, and extension. My approach to these problems is primarily from the stratigraphic and biostratigraphic record of process-sedimentology - how sedimentary processes are influenced by topography and sea-level changes. The goal of this work is more detailed geologic histories of sedimentary basins and tectonic margins, and better understanding of the interaction of tectonism and associated basins.

Relevant Past Experience:

I have been investigating the details of the Devonian-Mississippian Antler orogeny in eastern Nevada. and extension of this work into the more poorly known southern extension of the Antler belt in southern Nevada. I have also completed a study of Pleistocene sediments in coastal California. Other projects include studies in the Cretaceous Sevier retroarc-foreland basin in Utah. I have been involved in a project on the North Island of New Zealand, a forearc basin setting.

Locally in western Nevada, I am involved with our faculty in a project looking at the Holocene climatic and tectonic record in Neogene lacustrine basins of western Nevada. In all of these studies, the theme has been better understanding of tectonic history through study of associated sedimentary basins. Most recently I have been involved in geologic aspects of ecosystems indicators in southern Nevada.