II. Graduate director

To assist graduate students in their degree programs, the Graduate Director is responsible for knowing what students are in the program, their status, and what their plans are with regard to completion of their degrees.  The Director maintains a database to track each student, to assure that no one gets lost or waylaid. The success of this task relies on communication. Please let the Director know who you are when you arrive and keep the Director abreast of any changes in your plans.

The Graduate Program Director's job includes supplying information regarding policies and updates concerning the graduate program. Feel free to discuss any issues relating to our graduate program with this individual. The Graduate Director will also enforce Graduate School and Departmental guidelines and deadlines. The Director will attempt to mediate any problems that may arise between students and advisory/examining committee members.  The first resort of a student in difficulty with the committee and/or advisor is the Graduate Director. Unresolved matters are referred to the Department Chair, and if appropriate, the Graduate School for action. 

Graduate Director: Dr. Stacia Gordon, staciag@unr.edu, phone: 775-784-6476