Grant McKnight outdoors

Grant McKnight

M.S. in Geology He/Him/His


I was born and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania, a small suburb 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Growing up, I would spend as much time as possible outdoors, but it was not until I entered Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois as an undergraduate in 2016 that I realized my passion for geology. There, I discovered how captivating it is to study rocks and minerals to try and unravel their distinct history, a history that has literally created the planet we inhabit. I graduated cum laude with a B.A. from Northwestern in 2020 while double majoring in Earth and Planetary Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Additionally, I completed a senior thesis on the geophysical imaging of geologic features at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky using electrical resistivity tomography (ERT). A couple of months after receiving my diploma from Northwestern, I began my M.S. here at UNR in the fall of 2020. With the guidance of Peter Vikre, my thesis addresses the volcanic stratigraphy and mineral resources of the Monitor-Mogul mining district in Alpine County, California, which includes several types of Au-Ag-Cu, S, and Hg deposits. Apart from staring at rocks all day, I enjoy cooking, watching movies/shows, and agonizing over a borderline unhealthy number of Sixers and Eagles games.


  • 2020 B.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences and Environmental Sciences from Northwestern University